eBay has been established as an online auction site since 1995 (1999 in the UK) and is well respected. I use it as much as Amazon as a shopping resource – it’s much more than just an auction site now, many items are ‘buy it now’ price so you can just click & purchase instantly, like a normal shop.

I’ve been buying and selling on eBay since 2001 – I love it! 99% of the time I’ve had positive experience with buyers & sellers, obviously as with everything, you get the odd negative one, but eBay are pretty good at stepping in to help if needed (they do tend to side with the buyer).

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So, about earning money through eBay – it’s a great platform to sell things from, you name it, from clothes (my specialty), to kids toys, antiques, books, cars, etc etc, the list is pretty endless.

Simply list your items for sale, add photos, measurements, condition details etc etc and wait for someone to buy it! The choice is yours whether you list it as an auction or at a fixed price.

TIP: Research what items are worth by searching for your item and filtering this by ‘completed items’, ‘used/new’ etc to gauge an idea of how much you can expect yours to sell for.

Sorting out old clothes etc and putting them onto eBay is not only a good way to bring in some extra cash, it’s also highly satisfying just having a clear out and decluttering, win win really!

If you’re new to eBay I would recommend building up your feedback score a bit by buying a few items first, this will give your future buyers more trust. It’ll also give you a feel of how the whole thing works too.

Register for your free eBay account here. There’s also an app available which is easy to use – sell from your phone!

Back in the day we had to pay for items using old fashioned cheques and the postal service! Nowadays PayPal seems to be the norm for both buyers and sellers – I would highly recommend you get yourself an account – join here. It’s useful for much more than just eBay too.

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eBay for me has been a great source of extra income – I’m constantly adding things for sale and it tops my bank account up nicely. It’s all controlled by me too – the more time I can spend creating quality listings on there, good photos etc, the more chance I have of selling.

Once your listings are live you can just sit back and wait for a sale! Don’t be disheartened if some things take a while to sell – either just sit tight or think about slowly reducing the price, depends on how quickly you want it sold really.

I’m currently experimenting with eBay reselling – that’s buying items with the sole purpose of selling them on for a profit, more on this in a later post! 🙂

A tax break, introduced in 2017, means the first £1,000 you earn each year ‘trading’ (i.e making money through your income boosting endeavours) is TAX-FREE, yey!
Some activities are tax free anyway (e.g. earning Cashback and selling your old stuff on eBay).
See Gov.uk for full details.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my eBay post and it’s inspired you to have a go – I’d love to know how you get on?

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