You can earn real cash when you search, shop & take surveys with Qmee. This is a new venture for me, having only just discovered it, but so far it looks to be a good regular earner you can dip into each day – you get rewarded for using it every day too as the survey values go up!

You can choose to just concentrate on the surveys – which appear regularly daily and clearly show how much they’re worth in ££ and how long they estimate to take AND/OR download the browser extension and get paid to simply search the web!

Not only do they pay in real cash, there’s also no minimum payout threshold! In my first day on Qmee I was already at £1.50, which I didn’t think was bad for a few surveys & web searches! Remember £1.50 every day x 30 = £45 per month, not bad huh 🙂

Register for your free Qmee account here.

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Qmee screenshot - CashBoostFairy | Income Boosting Ideas | Money Blog
Qmee screenshot taken on day2/3

Simply register for your free Qmee account here. There’s also an app version so you can earn on the go.

During the account creation process they’ll give you the option of downloading a browser extension – this is so you can earn while searching the web (it’s totally optional though if you’re not comfortable with this).

Then start earning! You’ll need to opt-in to the surveys and fill out some profile questions, then you’ll starting seeings surveys arrive in your dashboard. You can enable browser notifications to ensure you don’t miss new ones.

The surveys bring the usual frustration of being booted out of some for not qualifying (once you’ve started answering questions), but Qmee have sometimes still rewarded me a few pence for this, so you don’t totally lose out.

Qmee also have an Offers tab, but I’ve not used this as I tend to stick to TopCashback for my cashback offers.

When you’re ready to cashout there’s three choices = PayPal, gift card or charity. For the PayPal option simply link your account and the payment should arrive in minutes.

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There appears to be a regular influx of surveys available so it has a good earning potential.

It’s REAL cash, as opposed to points, which is nice and satisfying.

I also like the fact that Qmee increase your survey rewards when you maintain a streak of 5 consecutive days of completing surveys or answering the daily poll. Your reward increase will be available for as long as your streak is active and will be shown next to the original survey reward.

I’m definitely adding Qmee to my list of daily earning activities.

Register for your free Qmee account here.

Qmee screenshot - CashBoostFairy | Income Boosting Ideas | Money Blog
Qmee screenshot taken on day 5! 🙂

UPDATE: I’m now a week in & have just cashed-out my first £10! Arrived in my account within minutes, happy days 🙂 I’m going to aim for £10 a week with this one – stay tuned to see how I get on. How about you?

A tax break, introduced in 2017, means the first £1,000 you earn each year ‘trading’ (i.e making money through your income boosting endeavours) is TAX-FREE, yey!
Some activities are tax free anyway (e.g. earning Cashback and selling your old stuff on eBay).
See Gov.uk for full details.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Qmee post and it’s inspired you to have a go – I’d love to know how you get on?

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