SerpClix helps site owners SEO rankings by sending real human visitors to their search engine results page, increasing their organic click-through rate and boosting Google rankings.

You can earn between $0.05-$0.10 by registering to be one of their ‘Clickers‘. Payment is real CASH made via PayPal once you’ve reached the $5 threshold.

This one is a slower earner than the others I’d say, but I still think it’s worth including as it’s just so QUICK, EASY and pretty FUN! Each job literally takes seconds!

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My earnings after Week 1 (not retiring just yet!!)

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To get started simply install the Firefox browser and SerpClix extension (full instructions are given when you register). Once installed, you can just leave it open in the background and wait for the ping when a new job comes in.

When you receive a new job, you just click on the search term (which will automatically copy), then paste this into the Google search which will open up in a new tab for you. Hit ‘search’ and look through the results to find the site they want you to click highlighted in red – it’s usually on page 1, but you may have to click through a few pages.

TIP: You’ll see the little extension icon in the top right change to ‘Go’ if the site is on that particular search page. If it just says ‘Ok’ that means you need to go to the next page. Simply hit ‘End’ on your keyboard to quickly jump to the bottom of that page to hit ‘Next’.

Once you’ve found the site highlighted in red click on it to go to that page. Then just pretend you’re a normal user, scroll up and down a bit, you can even navigate to other pages within the site, but I tend to stay on the home page. DON’T click on any ads or banners.

The little SerpClix extension icon will show a countdown timer – this is how long you need to stay on the page (usually around 60 seconds). You can’t click to another tab within Firefox – I usually just minimise the browser and go about my business (I don’t use Firefox as my main browser so it’s fine). Once the time has finished the page will automatically close and you’ll be taken back to the SerpClix site where you need to wait another few seconds before accepting the next job.

It really sounds more complicated than it is! Once you’ve done a couple of clicks you’ll be fine with it and can do them without thinking.

SerpClix clicker

WARNING: When you create your account there’s the option of allowing adult content – by clicking this you’ll get more searches, most of them are related to gaming/casinos, but I’ve had the odd one on the other end of adult site spectrum (if you get my drift) – up to you if you accept these jobs or not, you only select the searches you’re happy with.

Keyword Search by Media.net:

It’s a super simple way of earning some pennies. Granted, it’s not going to make you rich – after a week I’ve accumulated $2.20! But it’s just so easy, quick & fun – I think it’s worth adding to your list of daily money-making activities.

Every penny (or cent!) helps, as a famous supermarket says 🙂

UPDATE: I’ve just received my first automatic payout from SerpClix ($6.90)! Went straight into my PayPal, nice and easy. They make payments each month, as long as you’re above threshold.

Register for your free SerpClix account here.

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A tax break, introduced in 2017, means the first £1,000 you earn each year ‘trading’ (i.e making money through your income boosting endeavours) is TAX-FREE, yey!
Some activities are tax free anyway (e.g. earning Cashback and selling your old stuff on eBay).
See Gov.uk for full details.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my SerpClix post – I’d love to know how you get on?

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