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Want to boost your income? Pay off your debts? Earn a bit of extra money on the side? Dream of working from home? Get some money saving tips? Or maybe just sort your finances and budgeting out?…

Then you’ve come to the right place, grab a cuppa, pull up a seat and let’s get started. | UK Income Boosting | Money Blog

It’s a little corner of the internet where I list a whole shed load of ideas with the aim of helping to boost your income! Hopefully you’ll pick up some money saving and budgeting tips along the way.

As I’m in the UK, it’s mainly aimed at us Brits, but there’s no reason why you can’t use these ideas if you live abroad.

The site is split into three main areas:

All the income boosting suggestions are GENUINE & LEGIT (as far as I’m aware), require NO MONEY UPFRONT and get thoroughly tried and tested by myself beforehand. Please be assured I’m a REAL person, there is no spam/scams involved and I give REAL & HONEST opinions of each opportunity. If I don’t think something is worth our time, I’ll tell you 🙂

So, join me as I try out & report back on various earning endeavours, see what works and what (in my opinion) doesn’t. I’ll also post about the income boosting jobs I did previously – would I recommend them, why did I stop & would I try them again?

A tax break, introduced in 2017, means the first £1,000 you earn each year ‘trading’ (i.e making money through your income boosting endeavours) is TAX-FREE, yey!
Some activities are tax free anyway (e.g. earning Cashback and selling your old stuff on eBay).
See for full details.

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A Little About Me

Hi, I’m Kerry, forty-something wife and mum of two, living in the wilds (more like the suburbs) of South East England. I work five days a week as a part-time Office/Marketing Manager. My background is secretarial/marketing/book-keeping/event management  with a dash of website & graphic design.

For as long as I remember I’ve had a keen interest in earning additional money on the side, it started with a paper-round, followed by Saturday job and then a bar job on top of my full-time job. With the appearance of the internet some years later this opened up a whole new world of earning potential and I was keen to dive in!

Being a self-confessed introvert, working from home opportunities have always appealed to me. The idea of being able to hole-up at home and work from behind a screen, in the background, firmly in my comfort zone, is my idea of bliss. Maybe it’s yours too?

Here’s some of the work-from-home/income boosting adventures I do now and have done previously, to name but a few:

  • eBay – niche clothing resale – new (watch this space!)
  • eBay – personal buying & selling since 2001 – ongoing
  • Survey sites (e.g. Qmee) – ongoing
  • Task reward sites (e.g. Swagbucks) – ongoing
  • Product testing for various companies – ongoing
  • Freelance – web & graphic design – ongoing
  • Cashback sites (e.g. TopCashback & Quidco) – ongoing
  • eBay & Amazon – imported product reselling
  • MLM business – skincare range – awful!
  • Matched betting – profitable initially but extreme care needed
  • Mystery shopping – for various companies
  • Handmade products/crafting – sold direct or via gift shop
  • Official distributor for a nailcare product
  • AQA (Any Question Answered) member
  • Royal Mail Panel Tester
  • Software tester

I hope you find this site useful in your income boosting endeavours!